So what am I doing this long weekend? I was going to camp for four days, but the weather prevented that from happening. That has been a good thing though, because I’m spending my time getting back online and fully functional again. It has been far too long on the backburn.

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Far Too Tired

Readers of my various Blogs have probably been wondering why it is I have written so little in my Blogs or posted so few posts in recent months. The simple answer is that I’m far too tired at the moment. I am exhausted and need somehow to get a break – very much hoping the Easter break will provide it.

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Walking Around Tomaree National Park

ABOVE: Zenith Beach from Ocean Rocks Walk – Tomaree National Park

Yesterday I decided to take a bit of a walk around Tomaree National Park which is located near Nelson Bay in NSW, Australia. Well worth a visit and the scenery on the way is something to behold as well – especially around Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay. Very spectacular scenery. Again, very much worth a look and visit.

ABOVE: Lomandra Fruit           BELOW: WWII Gun Emplacement

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Another Storm With Major Damage

Last Sunday the region was hit by yet another major storm, leaving more damage in its wake. This was the third major storm this season. The first included a tornado which caused significant damage where I work and throughout the town. The second was probably the most significant of the three storms as far as the amount of damage it inflicted on the region, with the consequences for the surrounds of my place being very similar to that of the latest damage done. This third storm produced almost identical damage to my place (grounds) as the second.

The photo above shows the damage at the front of my place and the photo below that behind my place. Power was out for some time following the storm and I believe some areas are still without electricity. There has been much damage throughout the Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest area, with many fallen trees and branches.

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Schapelle Corby to be Released (Sort of)

So the whole of Australia is caught up with the whole Schapelle Corby case or so the media would have us believe. Personally (and I think a good number of people agree with me) I really don’t have a lot of interest in it. If she is in fact guilty of the crime, I have to say I have little sympathy for her situation. I will be pleased when the media moves on from this ‘story’ and returns to more important matters. I certainly don’t believe she should profit from her ‘story.’ Yet the media appears willing to throw a whole bunch of money and attention her way.

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Out of the Rat Race

I have had reason to reflect on my move away from Newcastle/Lake Macquarie some seven years ago, to live as it turns out, here in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest. I can’t say that I find this area to be the brilliant place that so many feel it to be, which is not to say that I hate it. It has its pros and cons, just like many places. But I have had reason to be thankful for being out of the ‘rat race’ where I once lived. Life is just so much slower in this place – if you let it be of course. And that is something I really am enjoying here.

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An Age of Knockers

Why is it that the Internet has bred an age of knockers? You see it all of the time on Twitter, which seems especially to be a form of media that attracts the trolls and other types that seem unable to communicate anything positive. Message Boards and comments after articles is another breeding ground for this sort of thing. 

Here in Australia we have the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome,’ which is essentially the same sort of thing, but pre-dates the Internet, so perhaps the desire to knock people all of the time has always been there, but now has a medium in which it seems to flourish. 

Being a knocker has been a particular character flaw of mine since I can remember and it has also been one that I have continually fought against since I can remember, being one of those ‘darling’ sins that I need to be continually seeking to mortify by the grace of God. So I find it to be something personally offensive and sickening.

I do however find that the knocker in people seems to be becoming more pronounced since the advent of the Internet as a popular mode of communication and social networking. It has become more vicious and most certainly has lost its more ‘digging’ nature that was perhaps not so bad. When it is just light-hearted fun, light-hearted digging – that is not so bad. These days it is far more sinister.

The link below is to a recent article I came across and is an example of the very sort of thing I am talking about. It is not just in the article itself that this sort of thing can be found, but also within the comments that follow (though there are some supportive comments also).

In my own circle of friends and people I know, I am increasingly surprised at the many, many, examples of it I have stumbled across in recent times and that from those who also profess to be Christians. It has not just been criticism, which I don’t have a problem with, but something with a lot of personal malicious intent about it. It seems that there is a fair amount of bullying involved in it as well I think, yet some of these people doing the attacking and knocking are very vocal when it comes to bullying and the like. 

Any thoughts?

For an example visit:

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Posts for the Time Being

I thought I’d post a quick update on what is currently happening with me and posts to my Blog. It is a short story really. I live in a town which is a massive tourist destination during the holiday season – especially at this time of year. What this means for me – being reliant on wireless access to the Internet – is real difficulty gaining Internet access. There are so many people in the area, using so many gadgets and the like, that the Internet is locked into a constant traffic jam. It is practically impossible to get Internet access most of the time. You do get the odd time where you can get access, but it is so slow that it is pointless to try and use it. For example – it takes minutes and minutes just for one page of the Blog to load.

I’ll keep trying to access the Net every so often, but it is likely I’ll be unable to post much for the next couple of weeks. There is good news – the number of tourists in the shopping centre here have diminished, which probably means we are heading back to some form of normality.

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Happy Christmas

I have started to make my way back online with my Blogs and websites, feeling sufficiently recovered to resume activities. Having said that I only recently (in the last half an hour) escaped an almost serious back injury. I thought my chair was right behind me and it wasn’t, so as I sat down I fell down right along the edge of the front of the chair. The result – a lot of pain and bruising and damaged skin all along my back. I’m also very thankful there was no bone or muscle injury, though a lot of uncomfortable days are sure to follow. Sleeping may prove ‘interesting.’

So here I am, back. No pun intended there.

Let me just take this opportunity to wish all my readers and visitors a Happy Christmas. I hope you have a great holiday period and a safe one.

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The recovery from surgery is going well, but not as fast as I would have hoped. Sure, it has been less than six weeks and closer to five, but I would have liked to have no sense of their still being a wound. The scar/healing wound is fine – just hoped it wouldn’t still be uncomfortable (especially when sitting). Still, I am thankful for the success of the operation and the generally good healing that is happening. I think sometimes we can expect too much and not recognise the good that we have – and not be thankful enough for it.

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