Frontback Is Back With A New Team


It has now been saved :-)

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the Frontback community right now. On July 23, the company announced that it would shut down on August 15. But something unexpected happened. A new team is taking over at Frontback and the service will stay open after August 15.

“It’s still very fresh news; things are moving in real time,” Frontback co-founder Frédéric della Faille told me. “We’re super happy we found a solution for our community and truly blessed by the thousands of messages. The new team will introduce themselves at the right time. We wanted to respect our community and get the message out as soon as possible.”

Shortly after the shutdown announcement, an unnamed partner negotiated with the current Frontback team to take over the product.

“Our team will help them during the transition, after the transition both my co-founder and I are not going to be involved…

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Google has started extracting Google+ from itself


This was a social network that I really did hope would work out and rival Facebook – it hasn’t. Another Google platform that tried to be too clever I think. I have largely stopped using it – in fact, it never really got me in.

Originally posted on Quartz:

The slow death of Google+ continues. Today Google announced that it will be slicing out its social network from the rest of its services, meaning users won’t be forced to set up a Google+ account to comment on YouTube videos or use Google Photos. Soon, you’ll be able to use Google services with just a private Google account.

Bradley Horowitz, head of Google’s newly-created Photos, Streams and Sharing division, said in a blog post that Google+ will soon stand on its own. The social network will still be around—for the foreseeable future, at least—but it won’t be required to use other Google services. Google had once intended to cut down on YouTube trolling—and drive sign-ups for Google+ from its popular sister-site—by forcing commenters to use their real names by signing up for a Google+ account, but it abandoned that policy in 2014.

By some measures, Google+ only had about 4-6 million users posting…

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Selfie App Frontback To Shut Down On August 15th After Two Years


So, another of the apps I use for photography has bitten the dust – farewell Frontback.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

It was a simple premise during the height of the selfie hype: take a photo of yourself as well as what’s in front of you. It was called a “frontback.”

Now it’s called “an idea that never really got super traction.” This of course after rumors that Twitter was interested in acquiring the team and app a few years back.


The founders joined us at Disrupt in 2013 to discuss its fast rise 200,000 downloads. At one point, someone published the question “Is Frontback the next Instagram?” Thank the lord it wasn’t us.

screen322x572 (2)The company raised nearly $4M and their investors read like a who’s who in Silicon Valley investment: Alexis Ohanian, Charlie Cheever, Fuel Capital, Garry Tan, Harjeet Taggar…

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Gloucester Geocaching Trip

For those of you who may not know it yet – I think I may be going mad (slightly so anyway). So in an effort to head off said madness I decided to go out for the day and went to Gloucester, visiting my mother while there and also maintaining a couple of geocaches along the way and hiding a few others.

So I have a couple of new geocaches currently awaiting review and another couple that I am yet to place on the geocaching website (I’ll do so in the next couple of days).

Did it take away my madness – probably not, but neither was there any mad, evil cackling while hiding them. So it was a start I guess.

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Geocaching on 7.30 Report

I’m into geocaching and in fact was out and about doing so today – that is, setting a number of new geocaches up. The ABC did a report on geocaching on Friday, which made it all seem a bit silly and childish – which it really isn’t, though it is a good activity to get the kids involved in. Below is a video of the report and after that an introduction to geocaching itself.

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Sad & Down

There are times in my life when I get very annoyed with myself – disappointed. I am not what I wish to be and I get frustrated and very annoyed with myself. Sometimes when I am this way it coincides with times that I find particularly difficult – this is one of those times. I am down… and I am sad. Some would call this depression and perhaps it is. I don’t really know I suppose. Or perhaps I do and I just don’t want to admit it to myself.

This is the week when seven years ago a most important person in my life died. It unsettles me every year. It is almost as though a part of me dies every year. I will spend some time with her again this week, but it is never the same as when she was still here.

I hate this time of year – it is always a sad time. I remember you and I smile – but it is still so very sad. I find myself thinking of you in ever growing regularity during this terrible week each year and I am always glad I was found in a place where we were able to meet and that for a time I was able to walk into and within your world. I remember your smile, I remember your glow – I remember everything about you. You are engraved in my mind and in my heart and in my life – an indelible moment & a transient presence, for you were gone too soon – yet never forgotten or hidden from view. I miss you and I always will. I am drawn to you with every passing moment and so wish you were still here with us. I miss you so much.

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Uluru Trip Looming?

I have a reasonably lengthy block of annual leave coming up soon and for the third year running I have a ‘plan’ to travel to Uluru – but will it happen? Hmmm – I can’t be sure at the moment.

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I read a lot of books and many of them old. Many of these books have words that aren’t used so much today – certainly not by the people I walk among most of the time. I will also admit that there are many words that I don’t always know the meaning of, though my vocabulary continues to grow the more I read and learn along the way. So it is today in my reading that I have come across the word ‘malapert.’

So what does this word mean? Well, when used as an adjective it refers to being boldly disrespectful – not showing due respect for another or being impudent. So when being used as a noun it refers to an impudent person, that is one who is boldly disrespectful to others.

The word is pronounced in this manner – ‘mal-a-pert.’ The word is used in the following ways:

‘You are such a malapert being!’ ‘Such language and behaviour is clearly malapert.’

For further information on the word visit the following sites:

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Sycophant is a word I use quite a bit, as I see being such in practice on a regular basis – if not a daily basis. So this is my word of the day and although I won’t be posting a word of the day each and every day on this Blog, I may from time to time post a word of the day. Sycophant is a word (when used) that seems to produce strange looks – not because people don’t agree with my assessment of the situation, but because it is a ‘big word’ that is not understood by a lot of people these days – which is hardly surprising given how most people spend their days, in front of the idiot box and that usually obsessing over so-called reality TV. So though I use it a lot – and define and explain it occasionally – it is regularly misunderstood or simply dismissed as too big a word to worry about.

So what does this word actually mean then? In short it means someone who is a suck-up, a crawler or flatterer, trying to use whatever they can in order to get ahead with the person they are sucking up to. They are trying to gain some personal advantage by using flattery, argument or whatever it is they are using in order to gain something for them self.

So how do you use the word? Well, firstly it is pronounced in this manner – sick-o-phant/sik-o-fent. It may be used in the following way:

‘I am surrounded by sycophants and their empty praise.’ ‘George is such a sycophant, listen to him praising that useless manager just so he can get ahead with her.’

For further information on the word visit the following sites:

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This is a post I’m putting up at all my Blogs, even though that particular Blog may be unaffected due to scheduled posting, etc. Blog posts may be down a little at the moment and that for the last week or so. I have been ill with various illnesses and complaints for the last several weeks, so I have now decided to take the next week off from most Blogging activities in an attempt to rest and recover – if I can while still actually doing my very physically demanding actual job in the real world. I hope to return to Blogging full time in about a week’s time.

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