Personal Reflections

You would think with the number of Blogs I have going that there wouldn’t be room for yet another to appear, but yet here it is. I just felt that there was something missing from all of the other Blogs I have – something personal, something more of myself. So I decided to conduct a little experiment with this Blog and try to develop a Blog that might just successfully reflect something of myself – who I am and my life’s experiences, and then to share all that with a wider audience. I’m really not sure how all this will develop over time and whether it will even be successful.

I’m a fairly complex soul and someone who is more than a little diffident, someone unlikely to bare their real self to a wider audience easily and certainly not without some inner struggle. Yet a Blogging platform almosts seems removed from the real world in a sense, as it allows the Blogger to write and post without that level of direct contact with others that I often find confronting, and at other times I am so desperate to avoid. Yes, there you have it, I have become something of a recluse and a social hermit – though I sometimes appear to others to have more of an extrovertive pattern of behaviour that that of the introvert. That is just one of the weapons of choice I have allowed to develop over the years as a protective devise, thereby shielding myself from others and allowing the real me to go on undetected.

Though I think it is possible to hide myself somewhat behind a Blog, I don’t find myself adopting the practice of many who play the part of an Internet Troll. I am still myself, just not showing my entirety to the watching world – not having any need to project an image of myself that I would rather wish I was or could possibly be under different circumstances. I am myself and that is who I am happy to be online, allbeit a not fully revealed me. I do like to be true to myself and thereby to the rest of the world at large, which is not to say that I am entirely content with the many flaws that I know I possess. Neither do I feel any need to dispossess myself of all of those flaws in such a way for all the world to see.


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