Cancer Scare

No, I don’t have cancer – never have, at least as far as I know – and I am very thankful for that. There have been moments – probably longer than moments actually – when there were cancer scares. The last ‘moment’ was only a matter of weeks ago. It was a bit of a worry the day I discovered a tennis ball sized lump. I immediately made an appointment to visit the doctor and have it seen to. For the next couple of weeks it was a case of not knowing what it was with any degree of certainty and then I had the ultrasound which proved it to be a hernia. By the end of the ultrasound it was known I had two hernias in fact, but I’ll take those over cancer any day. There was much relief when that appointment was concluded and the true cause of the lump was known.

This week I’m off to see a surgeon to find out what will be required to correct the hernias and to determine just when corrective surgery can be scheduled. I expect it won’t be too far down the track and then there will be time off work recovering. Still – far better than cancer I reckon.


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