Where I work there are a lot of snakes. Sure, they aren’t all out there in your face, but out there they are – usually hidden away and coming out from time to time where they confront their human cohabitants. Over the last few weeks I have been catching quite a lot of them – Tree Snakes and Diamond Pythons (Carpet Snakes) at this stage, but usually there are Red Belly Black Snakes as well.

In the last week I have caught two Diamond Pythons and in a week a couple back, I caught about four tree snakes in a couple of days. There was even a nest of Green Tree Snakes in the roof of one house and I managed to capture two of them (there were at least four). Part of my job seems to be to catch these snakes and remove them from the places where people live. I try to catch snakes alive and to release them into the bush away from the workplace (a retirement village).

Diamond Python

ABOVE: Diamond Python Captured and Released on Friday

Generally I do this by hand, on occasion I may use a tool such as a rake, to pin the snake down so I can safely pick it up. A lot of the people I work with don’t like to be near snakes, let alone handle them – I don’t mind them. Sure, some of them can be quite scarey and I suppose at some point I may be bitten by one of them. So far I haven’t been bitten and I am quite thankful for that obviously – especially as far as the Red Bellies are concerned. No Brown Snakes have been spotted in the village at this stage, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if one of these turn up at some point. I would be far more hesitant to pick up a Brown Snake as easily as I do these other three species.


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