Signs You May Be An Idiot!

Just finished reading this - don't agree with everything, but it is a good read just the same. Has a good balance of humour.

‘Signs You May Be An idiot!’ is an ebook written by Andre Gensburger that I just recently completed reading on my Kindle. I certainly can’t agree with everything in the book, but I found myself agreeing with an awlful lot of it. He is a bit of a straight shooter, calling a spade a spade and so he is very similar to me in many respects. Far be it from me to distance myself from being an idiot by likening myself to the author – I am probably as much an idiot as the next person in a number of areas, still the logic of the man was hard to argue against on many fronts.

There are certainly many idiots out there and one of the frequent ‘sayings’ that I have developed and taken to heart over the years is that ‘I have little tolerance for idiots.’ So you can easily see why I was drawn to this ebook in the first place. Have a read of the book – you might just find yourself being described as an idiot.


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