Sliced Silverside

I used to buy a lot of sliced silverside at the local deli (Bilo – which is really a Coles store). Why? Well, it goes well on a salad sandwich. However, I don’t buy it anymore and it is unlikely that I will buy any Coles meat at the deli. They changed the silverside supplier from one company to the Coles brand and it is utter rubbish. I might as well suck salt from the salt shaker to get a similar taste. No more Coles products for me at the deli. If they offered some choice it would be good.

There also used to be a good selection of sliced ham – now there is barely a choice with that. That was one of the reasons I started buying the silverside. Now I buy deli products from Woolworths when I get out of town (it’s a bit of a drive). Way to lose customers Bilo/Coles.


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