Human Rights

Some countries of the Commonwealth have refused to attend the Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka. These countries include Canada and India. Congratulations to these countries for making a stand, however I do believe India is being a bit hypocritical in their stance given the abuse of human rights in their own country, particularly toward Christians and Muslims. They have serious issues to address in India before they have any grounds on which to criticise other countries.

On the other side of the coin I am not at all surprised to see that Australia has no problem attending the meeting. Given what we have seen in recent times from the relatively new Australian government under Tony Abbott towards human rights, I am not at all surprised that he and the government have little to say on the matter, let alone to protest the situation in Sri Lanka. Those suffering in West Papua know only too well how this Australian government will respond to human rights issues following the Australian response to West Papuan people in Indonesia and how it views West Papua and Indonesia as one sovereign country with which it has no real issues concerning human rights abuses in West Papua. Then of course you have the government’s approach to asylum seekers and the detention of them in what are little better than modern day concentration camps. I have to say though that the former Labor government also lost my support given their hardline approach towards asylum seekers towards the end of their government under Kevin Rudd in particular.

I am greatly disappointed and saddened by Australia’s current approach to these sorts of matters and yes, I am Australian.


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