Happy Christmas

I have started to make my way back online with my Blogs and websites, feeling sufficiently recovered to resume activities. Having said that I only recently (in the last half an hour) escaped an almost serious back injury. I thought my chair was right behind me and it wasn’t, so as I sat down I fell down right along the edge of the front of the chair. The result – a lot of pain and bruising and damaged skin all along my back. I’m also very thankful there was no bone or muscle injury, though a lot of uncomfortable days are sure to follow. Sleeping may prove ‘interesting.’

So here I am, back. No pun intended there.

Let me just take this opportunity to wish all my readers and visitors a Happy Christmas. I hope you have a great holiday period and a safe one.


The recovery from surgery is going well, but not as fast as I would have hoped. Sure, it has been less than six weeks and closer to five, but I would have liked to have no sense of their still being a wound. The scar/healing wound is fine – just hoped it wouldn’t still be uncomfortable (especially when sitting). Still, I am thankful for the success of the operation and the generally good healing that is happening. I think sometimes we can expect too much and not recognise the good that we have – and not be thankful enough for it.

Limited Posts

I have had some surgery in recent times and while everything seems to be going OK, healing well and all the rest, I have been finding some difficulty while sitting at the computer – so I have been easing off on the posts in recent times. I expect this will continue for the next couple of weeks or perhaps a bit longer than that. I don’t intend to stop posting completely, but there will be far fewer posts during this period. One or two Blogs that I have will receive no posts during this time, while one or two others will continue to receive the same number of posts throughout this period. However, it is all a bit of a daily thing as to just how many posts I upload.

So all is going well, but a bit of a break and rest is needed to ensure a full recovery. Thanks all 🙂