Social Hermit

I have been told that I’m a hermit from various people in recent years and at times it has got to me I have to admit. Generally though I’m not concerned by any of that. I am what I am and who I am – that’s the way it is. I’m reasonably content with that. Sure, there are times when I perhaps get a little down and feel a little lonely – birthdays especially for some reason. That is really quite odd, because birthdays don’t really mean a lot to me, though there are times that the evidence perhaps suggests otherwise. I don’t really think that it’s the birthday itself, but the birthday provokes thoughts of other things that do get me going.

I have always been an introvert really – though again evidence would perhaps suggest otherwise. I am nothing if not a contradiction I guess. Truly though, I am and have always been an introvert. I have been known to act ‘crazy-like,’ as though I’m an extrovert – but that is really just a cover for who I really am. That is my view of things anyhow. Now there is probably a lot less of the cover and more of the real me coming through – and that is the real, actual quiet and withdrawn sort of guy that I am in truth.

I think experience… my life experience that is, has brought the real me to the surface and who I am is now not so scared of being out there as once it perhaps was. Big, important happenings in my life have transformed me – or rather, have brought out the real me into the open. Some of that is perhaps not so good, but overall I think it’s OK.


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