Bed of Roses

I am not your average Joe and that is no take on the current Australian Treasurer and has nothing to do with the budget just handed down. I am just an average guy too be sure, but that wasn’t quite what I mean’t. I don’t fit into the average stereotype of an Aussie guy, whatever that may be. I’ve never seen myself as fitting into the normal, conforming to what the normal guy should be like or, if you prefer, what he is like. I am myself, a strange breed of guy perhaps. I am a complex person, with many facets – a many-sided individual. Hopefully none of those sides are terrible or dreadful, though I am sure I don’t quite measure up to what people would have me to be and I certainly don’t measure up to what I would like to be – and lets not even go to what God would have me measure up to, for that is a standard beyond what I can ever hope to achieve, though thankfully another has done that for me.

No, I am a different type of guy to the normal – for I am an individual transformed by grace, but none-the-less somewhat different to must Christian guys I have come across also. That could however be simply a case of my own perspective, without the ability to see how other guys see themselves. Perhaps I am closer to the norm than I think, maybe I am just a little bit more honest about who I am – who knows? Not me, that’s for sure.

‘Your love is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I’ve tried’

I do not remember when I first saw the movie ‘Bed of Roses,’ but it was sometime ago now. It doesn’t have that stellar cast that other movies have perhaps – the two stars are Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson – yet it is a movie that has had an impact on me over the years. It appeals to me in some way. Perhaps I am too romantic for my own good and history has probably proven that to be the case, if I am reading the evidence correctly. This isn’t the type of movie that guys own up to liking and perhaps there are very few who actually would like a movie like this. But you know, I care very little about that.

I do have this ‘romantic’ streak about me – not that I’m about to try and prove my case here. Wouldn’t that be an awful, messy thing. Trust me, it more than likely would be. I may have that romantic streak in me, but I also seem to mess things up pretty good also. I have a whole heap of special memories – yet that is all they are, memories. They are often happy memories, though they all tend to end with a tinge of sadness – especially the last. I guess that may be why Bed of Roses is even more poignant to me now than when I first saw it all those years ago.

I decided to watch it again tonight. It was the first time in a good many years that I have. It still has the same effect as it did the first time and I still have this strange attachment to it. I am even now listening to the soundtrack (yeah, I bought it a while back to remind me of the movie). Some of the music is a little light on substance I guess and has that real eighties feel (from which my music has come), but it has that very sentimental touch.



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