Facebook… It Used to Be Great

I started using Facebook fairly early in its development and was hooked immediately. What a tremendous invention and what an impact on society it had and still does.

When I was younger I used to write letters to a lot of people – mostly to people who meant something to me. I thought it was a great way to develop relationships, to learn about other people and what made them tick. It was a way to interact with others, to get involved in their lives in a more intimate way than the normal interaction that occurred within a group of friends/people. I wrote a lot of letters. Not all of them were ‘deep and meaningful,’ some were just fun.

Facebook and social networks have taken the place of this these days – along with emails and other digital platforms. Facebook for me was a great replacement for letters in the early days. I had a lot of contact with people I regarded as friends, or at the very least, once did. It was a great tool for connecting with friends of previous times, with whom for one reason or another, contact was lost or minimalised. It used to be great. Slowly but surely the platform began to change, which is not always bad. Some changes were good, others not so much.

It is no longer the great tool that it once was. I have no intention to drop it though – it still provides the opportunity for catching up with distant friends. However, it is now full of useless game requests, pointless dribble and the like. Information posted now tends to be more entertainment oriented, mind numbing nonsense, spam equivalent junk, etc. It grows more and more disappointing. A great tool that is now driven by the usual desire for money that drives most business.

Below is an article that comes to a similar conclusion:


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