The West Wing

I am an Australian living in Australia, yet one of my all time favourite television shows was ‘The West Wing.’ Not living in America I have no idea as to whether The West Wing was a faithful reproduction of how politics in the U.S. works or not, but I did think the show was a quality drama as far as television goes. That the programme was able to last out the entirety of President Bartlet’s two terms as president is testament to the quality of it. Could the programme have been as good if it continued into the term of the next president who had been elected by the close of The West Wing’s run I do not know, but I think I still would have enjoyed it.

The fact that I am not watching the show again in it’s entirety for the third time really is testament to how much I rated and indeed, continue to rate The West Wing. I think it is brilliant and one of the best ever television shows to have ever been – not that I’m a television expert. 

Though on my third run through I think I can confidently say that I will be watching it through quite a few more times into the future. I still have a bit to go this time through, having just completed season one and the first two episodes of series two, with all of the drama of the shooting of President Bartlet and Joshua Lyman. 

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