June 25

There are people in life that appear and stay for a while. At other times there are those that disappear and are never seen again. Often times the people that don’t mean a lot to you, for whatever myriad of reasons, never seem to be anywhere but seemingly in your face and there is never any respite from them. Those that do mean a lot never seem to stick around and can never be found no matter how hard you try to reconnect with them. But once in a while there is that important person (or perhaps a couple of people should you be so incredibly blessed) that has always been there, currently is and will always be so. That person (or those precious few) means the world to you and brings some meaning to life for you that otherwise wouldn’t be there. A simple phone call, a drop in or even a seemingly chance meeting is all that is necessary to brighten an otherwise bleak and dreadful day – what does quality time with that person present when such small experiences of transient blessing means so much?

When that person is no longer found in your circle of family, friends and others – well, the very meaning of life is transformed beyond recognition. Nothing is ever the same again.

June 25 is a dreadful day for me – it marks the end of a blessed experience of life and the beginning of a lesser experience of existence for me. Sure, it wasn’t the end of life for me, but it did change my perception of it in a profound way and it has never been the same – and it will never be as it was.

On the 25th of June, 2008, the most important person in my world stepped out of it, never to return into it. Certainly my Lord and Saviour is far more important to me, there is no other that compares. But the only person in this world who has meant so much to me apart from Him was gone. This was the day that Rebeccca died and my world changed forever. I miss her every day, but each June 25 is especially difficult – as is March 8, the day of her birth. June 25 is by far the most difficult of the year for me and the days leading up to it are also hard. I miss her – she was my world.


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