Sycophant is a word I use quite a bit, as I see being such in practice on a regular basis – if not a daily basis. So this is my word of the day and although I won’t be posting a word of the day each and every day on this Blog, I may from time to time post a word of the day. Sycophant is a word (when used) that seems to produce strange looks – not because people don’t agree with my assessment of the situation, but because it is a ‘big word’ that is not understood by a lot of people these days – which is hardly surprising given how most people spend their days, in front of the idiot box and that usually obsessing over so-called reality TV. So though I use it a lot – and define and explain it occasionally – it is regularly misunderstood or simply dismissed as too big a word to worry about.

So what does this word actually mean then? In short it means someone who is a suck-up, a crawler or flatterer, trying to use whatever they can in order to get ahead with the person they are sucking up to. They are trying to gain some personal advantage by using flattery, argument or whatever it is they are using in order to gain something for them self.

So how do you use the word? Well, firstly it is pronounced in this manner – sick-o-phant/sik-o-fent. It may be used in the following way:

‘I am surrounded by sycophants and their empty praise.’ ‘George is such a sycophant, listen to him praising that useless manager just so he can get ahead with her.’

For further information on the word visit the following sites:


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