I read a lot of books and many of them old. Many of these books have words that aren’t used so much today – certainly not by the people I walk among most of the time. I will also admit that there are many words that I don’t always know the meaning of, though my vocabulary continues to grow the more I read and learn along the way. So it is today in my reading that I have come across the word ‘malapert.’

So what does this word mean? Well, when used as an adjective it refers to being boldly disrespectful – not showing due respect for another or being impudent. So when being used as a noun it refers to an impudent person, that is one who is boldly disrespectful to others.

The word is pronounced in this manner – ‘mal-a-pert.’ The word is used in the following ways:

‘You are such a malapert being!’ ‘Such language and behaviour is clearly malapert.’

For further information on the word visit the following sites:


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