Offering Thanks

The link below is to an article that I think highlights something that we tend to forget about these days – offering a simple thanks once and a while. When did you last say thanks to someone for something they did or said? We are too self-absorbed these days – that is probably the reason. What do you think?

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Normal Stuff

‘Wow… time sure gets away from ya just doing normal stuff doesn’t it?’

Hmmm, that’s life for me at the moment. Time just passes me by so quickly these days. A little ‘life blink’ and weeks have passed. Where, oh where, does the time go? I wish I knew the answer to that. I am so thankful that I no longer live in the big smoke – not that I’m all that far into the bush or anything like that, but I definitely live in a place with a much slower pace. It would be great if work was like that also, but alas it is not.

I have been working on a couple of websites I run, plus a large number of Blogs also. The work on the websites takes a lot of time. The two sites I have been trying to get back up and working properly for some time now are these two listed below.

Still have plenty of work to do and having terrible Internet connectivity doesn’t help.

Out of the Rat Race

I have had reason to reflect on my move away from Newcastle/Lake Macquarie some seven years ago, to live as it turns out, here in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest. I can’t say that I find this area to be the brilliant place that so many feel it to be, which is not to say that I hate it. It has its pros and cons, just like many places. But I have had reason to be thankful for being out of the ‘rat race’ where I once lived. Life is just so much slower in this place – if you let it be of course. And that is something I really am enjoying here.

Happy Christmas

I have started to make my way back online with my Blogs and websites, feeling sufficiently recovered to resume activities. Having said that I only recently (in the last half an hour) escaped an almost serious back injury. I thought my chair was right behind me and it wasn’t, so as I sat down I fell down right along the edge of the front of the chair. The result – a lot of pain and bruising and damaged skin all along my back. I’m also very thankful there was no bone or muscle injury, though a lot of uncomfortable days are sure to follow. Sleeping may prove ‘interesting.’

So here I am, back. No pun intended there.

Let me just take this opportunity to wish all my readers and visitors a Happy Christmas. I hope you have a great holiday period and a safe one.


The recovery from surgery is going well, but not as fast as I would have hoped. Sure, it has been less than six weeks and closer to five, but I would have liked to have no sense of their still being a wound. The scar/healing wound is fine – just hoped it wouldn’t still be uncomfortable (especially when sitting). Still, I am thankful for the success of the operation and the generally good healing that is happening. I think sometimes we can expect too much and not recognise the good that we have – and not be thankful enough for it.