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Australian Wilderness Adventures: Episode 015 – Dorrigo National Park & Dangar Falls

Dangar Falls 360

During my break from Blogging I was able to get away for some time out. I headed off to one of my favourite spots, relatively close to here (about 3.5 to 4 hours drive, which is fairly close for Australia), Dorrigo. Dorrigo National Park is near Dorrigo – in fact it is just 2km out of town. It’s a great place and I’ll be posting some photos (and possibly video also) from the visit over the next week or so. During my visit I stayed at Dorrigo Mountain Resort just out of Dorrigo and close by the national park. I stayed in a fairly basic cabin for two nights, which though it wouldn’t meet the standards set by most people (and I wouldn’t blame them or judge them for that) for a place to stay, I did view it as just somewhere to stay and sleep, choosing to spend most of my time in the wilderness. It was good to not have to set up the tent and all the rest for such a short trip and given the fact that it rained most of the time, I was happy to have the cabin to retreat to.

The final place I actually visited will be the first place I blog about for the next few posts – Dangar Falls. Dangar Falls is just out of Dorrigo also, but on the other side of town. The picture below is a panoramic which I took with my 360 app on my Samsung S8. Sadly it doesn’t seem anywhere near as impressive when posted here, but it is still a good panoramic of Dangar Falls. Click on it for a better view.