Dangar Falls 360

During my break from Blogging I was able to get away for some time out. I headed off to one of my favourite spots, relatively close to here (about 3.5 to 4 hours drive, which is fairly close for Australia), Dorrigo. Dorrigo National Park is near Dorrigo – in fact it is just 2km out of town. It’s a great place and I’ll be posting some photos (and possibly video also) from the visit over the next week or so. During my visit I stayed at Dorrigo Mountain Resort just out of Dorrigo and close by the national park. I stayed in a fairly basic cabin for two nights, which though it wouldn’t meet the standards set by most people (and I wouldn’t blame them or judge them for that) for a place to stay, I did view it as just somewhere to stay and sleep, choosing to spend most of my time in the wilderness. It was good to not have to set up the tent and all the rest for such a short trip and given the fact that it rained most of the time, I was happy to have the cabin to retreat to.

The final place I actually visited will be the first place I blog about for the next few posts – Dangar Falls. Dangar Falls is just out of Dorrigo also, but on the other side of town. The picture below is a panoramic which I took with my 360 app on my Samsung S8. Sadly it doesn’t seem anywhere near as impressive when posted here, but it is still a good panoramic of Dangar Falls. Click on it for a better view.

Gloucester Geocaching Trip

For those of you who may not know it yet – I think I may be going mad (slightly so anyway). So in an effort to head off said madness I decided to go out for the day and went to Gloucester, visiting my mother while there and also maintaining a couple of geocaches along the way and hiding a few others.

So I have a couple of new geocaches currently awaiting review and another couple that I am yet to place on the geocaching website (I’ll do so in the next couple of days).

Did it take away my madness – probably not, but neither was there any mad, evil cackling while hiding them. So it was a start I guess.

Walking Around Tomaree National Park

ABOVE: Zenith Beach from Ocean Rocks Walk – Tomaree National Park

Yesterday I decided to take a bit of a walk around Tomaree National Park which is located near Nelson Bay in NSW, Australia. Well worth a visit and the scenery on the way is something to behold as well – especially around Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay. Very spectacular scenery. Again, very much worth a look and visit.

ABOVE: Lomandra Fruit           BELOW: WWII Gun Emplacement

Another Storm With Major Damage

Last Sunday the region was hit by yet another major storm, leaving more damage in its wake. This was the third major storm this season. The first included a tornado which caused significant damage where I work and throughout the town. The second was probably the most significant of the three storms as far as the amount of damage it inflicted on the region, with the consequences for the surrounds of my place being very similar to that of the latest damage done. This third storm produced almost identical damage to my place (grounds) as the second.

The photo above shows the damage at the front of my place and the photo below that behind my place. Power was out for some time following the storm and I believe some areas are still without electricity. There has been much damage throughout the Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest area, with many fallen trees and branches.

Out of the Rat Race

I have had reason to reflect on my move away from Newcastle/Lake Macquarie some seven years ago, to live as it turns out, here in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest. I can’t say that I find this area to be the brilliant place that so many feel it to be, which is not to say that I hate it. It has its pros and cons, just like many places. But I have had reason to be thankful for being out of the ‘rat race’ where I once lived. Life is just so much slower in this place – if you let it be of course. And that is something I really am enjoying here.

Storm Damage

I am now home from hospital and surgery, and will soon post about my hospital experience and stay. Prior to going to hospital, my region in Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest was hit by a severe storm which caused significant damage in both towns. This was on the 29th October 2013 and there is still much to be done to clean up and repair the damage.