Archiving This Blog

I have decided it is time to retire this Blog and put it out to archive. I have never settled down to getting this Blog to be what I wanted it to be – though I have enjoyed being Anti-Trump (not that I am in America by the way). I have been running a number of Blogs day in and day out for years (except when taking a break for sickness, holidays, a rest, etc) and I think it is now time I look to focus on those that mean the most to me, while also giving me more time for reading, enjoying life, etc. So it has been a good run, but it is time to move on from here. The site will stay up as an archive of those past years. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the site.

Blog Design

So I’m thinking of changing the design of the site, which is relatively simple given I’m using I haven’t been happy with the design for a while. I actually do like the appearance – it just takes too long to load (for me anyway). So that will happen sooner, rather than later – I hope. I just need the time to do it.

The Particular Baptist Journal

I have just spent a great time reading several articles posted on my Blog – The Particular Baptist Journal. There is a lot of good stuff posted there.

If you have not taken the opportunity to have a look at this Blog, please take a minute to do so. Yes, it is a Blog that I manage, but don’t let that put you off. It is a place where I curate articles of particular value – at least in my opinion – and which I think will be of great benefit, encouragement and profit for other believers.

I am currently posting about 2 articles a day to this particular Blog and they don’t take too long to read – yet they are usually of a high standard, very instructional and of great profit. I can only lead a horse to water, I can’t make it drink, but there is great water to be had at this waterhole.

To visit the Blog in question visit:

Haphazard Posting

The last several months (and indeed the majority of the year – if not longer) has been marked by the haphazard and irregular nature of my posting to my Blogs and the updating of my websites. This is likely to continue for some time and for an indefinite period of time. Why? I have been battling depression (essentially), though I have no real understanding of why/how it has come about. A number of years ago I was involved in a car accident that nearly killed me and I suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident. I am as fully recovered as I am likely to be and it has not really left a great permanent impact on my life – though this depression may prove to have been its lasting legacy.

I have thought of closing down the Bogs and websites on a number of occasions – but have not really wanted to do so. I would like to return to them with the same enthusiasm that I once had, though I am obviously unsure when that will be. Also, closing down the sites would be like yielding to the mental illness and sliding further down the slippery slope, which is not something I want to do. So it’s six of one and half-dozen of the other as regards what to do.

So if you have been a regular reader/user of my sites I ask for your continuing patience and understanding – normal service is something I am aiming at returning to. I just don’t know when that can/will be.


Some Changes

My Portal News

I think you can expect to see some changes on some of the websites and Blogs I run in the very near future, including the website this Blog is associated with. Kevin’s Portal has become something of a frustration with me, as I have been unable to update any pages for a while. Indeed, the books page will not update and has even been deleted, without me having any ability to fix the problem – so it is likely that I will be changing hosts very soon. This will also mean a change in URL. So please keep an eye out for that as I won’t be able to change things on the website as it currently stands – i.e. keep an eye on this Blog.

Another big change – at least for me – will be the way I do Blog posts right across the board. I have a…

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My Project 365

The link below is to another Blog I have going called ‘My Project 365.’ It is a complement to this Blog and provides a pictorial view of my life as I go about each day. It does’t record every aspect of my day, but is meant to capture the occasional photo throughout the day. Anyhow, take a look sometime and get the feel for it.

Visit My Project 365 at:

Normal Stuff

‘Wow… time sure gets away from ya just doing normal stuff doesn’t it?’

Hmmm, that’s life for me at the moment. Time just passes me by so quickly these days. A little ‘life blink’ and weeks have passed. Where, oh where, does the time go? I wish I knew the answer to that. I am so thankful that I no longer live in the big smoke – not that I’m all that far into the bush or anything like that, but I definitely live in a place with a much slower pace. It would be great if work was like that also, but alas it is not.

I have been working on a couple of websites I run, plus a large number of Blogs also. The work on the websites takes a lot of time. The two sites I have been trying to get back up and working properly for some time now are these two listed below.

Still have plenty of work to do and having terrible Internet connectivity doesn’t help.

Far Too Tired

Readers of my various Blogs have probably been wondering why it is I have written so little in my Blogs or posted so few posts in recent months. The simple answer is that I’m far too tired at the moment. I am exhausted and need somehow to get a break – very much hoping the Easter break will provide it.

Happy Christmas

I have started to make my way back online with my Blogs and websites, feeling sufficiently recovered to resume activities. Having said that I only recently (in the last half an hour) escaped an almost serious back injury. I thought my chair was right behind me and it wasn’t, so as I sat down I fell down right along the edge of the front of the chair. The result – a lot of pain and bruising and damaged skin all along my back. I’m also very thankful there was no bone or muscle injury, though a lot of uncomfortable days are sure to follow. Sleeping may prove ‘interesting.’

So here I am, back. No pun intended there.

Let me just take this opportunity to wish all my readers and visitors a Happy Christmas. I hope you have a great holiday period and a safe one.


I will soon be having a break from Blogging as I am scheduled to undergo surgery in the near future, so early November is shaping as a lean period for my various Blogs. However, it is quite possible that there will be a large number of posts once I am able to sit comfortably in front of my computer again. I expect there will be no posts for possibly the first week of November. Up until November there will be short periods of no posts, with the various preparations required previous to surgery.