I am currently recovering from some reasonably serious illness – diseased kidneys, internal bleeding, and kidney stones. Before that, I was ill for months with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which is something that will return to plague me again (often after a serious illness – so I’m ripe for it again sadly). Now I have been asked to vacate the apartment that I am currently renting (through no fault of my own I should add), which I could have done without while trying to recover.

There are now boxes all over the place, some things are packed ready to go (not that I have anywhere to go just at the moment – I do have some applications in) and other things are not yet packed or are in the process of being packed. So as you can imagine it is all a little chaotic at the moment. I also still have to work, of course, look for another place to live, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, the point of this diatribe is simply to say that I will be attempting to post as often as usual, but that you should expect interruptions over the immediate future period until I am able to settle into some new place of abode and have my routine back in place.

Back in 2018

Happy New Year one and all! I hope it has started well for you and that this New Year will better for you than the one that has just passed. Hopefully, it will be better for me than the way the last ended at the very least. But more of that shortly.

So I’m back at this Blog and will start posting again from today. If you happen to follow any of my other Blogs, I will be starting to post on those again over the next week, gradually getting them all up and going again for the New Year – you can’t rush these things after all. Well, you probably can and I have been doing that for years. But still, not this time.

If you remember back to my final post here from last year, you may remember/recall what I was hoping to do over my break – Nuh, no and didn’t!!! Well, I did read some books – but the bush and camping didn’t happen. I had to work both Christmas Day and New Years Day, but further to the point, the car started having mechanical problems on the Saturday before Christmas Day – so that put the end to that idea. But no, that wasn’t the beginning or the end of my Silly Season woes.

In the week prior to Christmas (in fact, this all happened on the same night – Wednesday I think it was) my fridge, washing machine, and my vacuum cleaner all died on me. Thankfully I had a spare vacuum and a work friend gave me the use of a spare fridge and washing machine on an extended loan. Then came Saturday when the car started having major issues and that night the wine cooler fridge died also. As far as the cooler goes it was a drain on power and the cost of electricity has skyrocketed so I wasn’t greatly concerned about that. At least the bill I got for my car’s CTP (Compulsory Third Party insurance) was hundreds of dollars lower than I expected and I unexpectantly was able to balance the budget for the end of the year. Phew – but somewhere along the line, I have to pay for car repairs, get a new fridge … well, you get the picture.

So as I say, 2018 has got to be better than the way 2017 ended hasn’t it? Though having said that, there is still a clown living in the White House in a foreign country (I’m Down Under).

Life Review

Every so often I feel an urge to review my life, not that which has been, though I am sure there is merit in doing so from time to time – especially from a Christian perspective (and I have done that and do do that – more regularly than many other things I do I expect). What I mean is life as a daily thing, that which I do, etc. What are my daily habits and are they profitable or useful? Do I need to tweak things or even completely do away with certain aspects of my daily life and replace them with something else? So that in brief purview is the sort of thing I’m on about.

So having said all that, I am currently in the process of doing this again and that in some detail. My approach on this occasion is to view everything from the start of the day through to the end of the day, applying my focus to one or two areas at a time, so that I can apply some useful changes with applied resilience that will stand the test of life and time – at least until the next review.

So that is what I am currently up to and seeking to sort out. There are useful tools in this digital age to assist and I am using such things as Evernote, One Calendar, Amazon Kindle reading app on my Samsung tablet, my Windows 10 PC, etc. All very modern tools to do a very long established practice throughout the ages.

Been A While

Been a while. It’s been a while for many things, but I especially mean this Blog – at the moment anyway. The truth – I couldn’t be bothered. That is, I couldn’t be bothered to post here in recent times. Why? I have struggled with many things other recent years – it’s called undiagnosed depression. It’s the depression you have that you haven’t seen anyone about, yet you know what it is and still try to live in denial. But that has changed a little – I’m no longer in denial, I just couldn’t be bothered seeing anyone about it. You know, it will work out in the end – whenever that might be.

Having said that, things are a lot brighter at the moment. Have I turned a corner – I hope so. It feels like I have, with a measure of joy returning to what had become a rather miserable existence. I guess the fact that I’m writing anything (well typing) here is a sign that perhaps I have – turned a corner I mean. I’m sure there will be some setbacks ahead, but at the moment, I’m just taking in the sunshine and enjoying the rays as they fall on my face, with that gentle breeze refreshingly drifting across the surface of my face. It is time to once again step out into the wide world and enjoy the life I have been given.

Over the Christmas ‘silly season’ I hope to pitch my tent beside a river in the mountains and just take some time out and read, sleep and relax. I’m going to try and catch my breath and think about the year ahead – all with positive intent. I want to think about some of the good things that may lay ahead – especially think about and plan some wilderness excursions, where I can really enjoy the solitude of the Australian wilderness in a wonderful, soul recharging way – alone with my Creator in His creation. I have really enjoyed that in the past and look forward to doing so once again. Anyway, my first opportunity to do so is only days away – should be good.

Annual Leave Almost Up

My three weeks off work are almost up (only 4 days before I’m back at work – yay… NOT!). lol. Actually I don’t mind work – I enjoy the job itself. It will still be difficult to get out of this lazy routine I have managed to establish over the last little while however. I’ll have to start easing my way back to a normal body clock, etc.

I never did get to Uluru this time round – hopefully next year. There was just too much working against the trip this year, with some health issues needing to be sorted, etc. Still, the break has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

Spring has pretty much sprung here, so in lieu of a getaway during my annual leave block, I’m going to try and go camping one weekend, about 2 or 3 weeks after I get back to work. Then I hope to getaway camping for a weekend at least once a month over the warmer months.

Sad & Down

There are times in my life when I get very annoyed with myself – disappointed. I am not what I wish to be and I get frustrated and very annoyed with myself. Sometimes when I am this way it coincides with times that I find particularly difficult – this is one of those times. I am down… and I am sad. Some would call this depression and perhaps it is. I don’t really know I suppose. Or perhaps I do and I just don’t want to admit it to myself.

This is the week when seven years ago a most important person in my life died. It unsettles me every year. It is almost as though a part of me dies every year. I will spend some time with her again this week, but it is never the same as when she was still here.

I hate this time of year – it is always a sad time. I remember you and I smile – but it is still so very sad. I find myself thinking of you in ever growing regularity during this terrible week each year and I am always glad I was found in a place where we were able to meet and that for a time I was able to walk into and within your world. I remember your smile, I remember your glow – I remember everything about you. You are engraved in my mind and in my heart and in my life – an indelible moment & a transient presence, for you were gone too soon – yet never forgotten or hidden from view. I miss you and I always will. I am drawn to you with every passing moment and so wish you were still here with us. I miss you so much.

Getting Back On Track

Putting up a post on this Blog is hopefully an indication that I’m beginning to get back on track. This has been a particularly difficult period for me and I’m sure I’m not out of the woods just yet. I do feel I have turned a corner though and that is a very good think – I think.

To help me get back on track I’m actually taking a week off work from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day, returning the following day. I’m really looking forward to a week of sleep, rest and relaxation.


A Long Time

It has been such a long time since I’ve posted to this Blog and a lot has been going on – maybe not so much in the physical realm, as life in that sphere has been pretty boring really. There have been many mental and spiritual battles, and who really knows if any useful progress has been made at all. I think I may be coming to terms with depression, not that I have seen anyone about that. It has just been something I have been in denial about for so long and I am finally beginning to accept it as a reality in my life. I’m not likely to see anyone about it either – that’s just the way I am. But accepting it as a reality is really a major step and a step that will help me to move on from it as well. That is how I see it and it seems to be the way that life is progressing. I think even writing about it in a post such as this is also something that will assist me to move on and ‘recover’ as well.

I also know what the issues are – or at least a good number of them and I am seeking to address those as well. So hopefully there is some useful progress being made in all of this. Time of course is something that is required and it has been and will undoubtedly continue to be what is required as I move forward with my life. I certainly don’t intend to spill the beans on everything in this post (or any future post for that matter), as I am an intensely private person – and yeah, I accept that that probably doesn’t help me a great lot (being an intensely private person) and will probably mean a slower journey going forward.

I have issues with trusting people, so opening up to others is not something that I do easily. Having been hurt in the past it is difficult to trust people quickly and to share with them those things that are of heart concern to me. I have done so in the past with special people, that I regarded as being people I thought highly about (and still do – even though those relationships probably no longer exist) and viewed as quality people. I am also sure that given the right circumstances I will come across these highly valued types of people again and will be able to share my life experiences with them – but not just at the moment, as they simply don’t exist in my life for the time being.

I miss one person in particular and there is no way that I will have those precious moments again. She has been gone for some years now and I miss her like none other. I visit here from time to time in her final earthly resting place, but it has also been a long time since I have done that. I think I need to go again soon. I haven’t been for so long because it is a difficult place to go and my heart breaks when I do. I miss her so much and it was perhaps her passing that started me on my downward spiral – or at the very least accelerated it, not that I have reached a terrible dark place with little light – it is not that bad. No, it began before she died – but missing her has made this time all the more difficult.

It has been a long time – but it is now well beyond time to move forward from this place of sadness, darkness and difficulty, and to leave the black dog behind. May it be so.

Some Changes

My Portal News

I think you can expect to see some changes on some of the websites and Blogs I run in the very near future, including the website this Blog is associated with. Kevin’s Portal has become something of a frustration with me, as I have been unable to update any pages for a while. Indeed, the books page will not update and has even been deleted, without me having any ability to fix the problem – so it is likely that I will be changing hosts very soon. This will also mean a change in URL. So please keep an eye out for that as I won’t be able to change things on the website as it currently stands – i.e. keep an eye on this Blog.

Another big change – at least for me – will be the way I do Blog posts right across the board. I have a…

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Pointless Unplugging

The link below is to an article which provides some further commentary on the sort of thing I was writing about in my previous post really. The article linked to below explores the pointlessness of unplugging in a digital age, to which I agree by the way. Perhaps we need to find a better balance in a digital world.

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