The Turnbullnator 30: Judgement Day


The Sick Man of Europe is Sick Again

As I have watched with some interest and concern the happenings in Turkey, the former ‘Sick Man of Europe’ appears to me to be once again ‘sick.’ Perhaps not in the exact same manner as it was at the end of the Ottoman Empire, but sick none-the-less. The little man of Turkey who runs the show there needs to be dealt with in my opinion. He is the very image of a small character who wants to be something bigger but has nothing really going for him apart from some thuggish type of rule. Perhaps the Kurds will teach him a lesson or two as he seeks to impose his bombastic will on them yet again.

For Erdogan’s latest efforts of getting on the world stage visit:

Another Storm With Major Damage

Last Sunday the region was hit by yet another major storm, leaving more damage in its wake. This was the third major storm this season. The first included a tornado which caused significant damage where I work and throughout the town. The second was probably the most significant of the three storms as far as the amount of damage it inflicted on the region, with the consequences for the surrounds of my place being very similar to that of the latest damage done. This third storm produced almost identical damage to my place (grounds) as the second.

The photo above shows the damage at the front of my place and the photo below that behind my place. Power was out for some time following the storm and I believe some areas are still without electricity. There has been much damage throughout the Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest area, with many fallen trees and branches.

Schapelle Corby to be Released (Sort of)

So the whole of Australia is caught up with the whole Schapelle Corby case or so the media would have us believe. Personally (and I think a good number of people agree with me) I really don’t have a lot of interest in it. If she is in fact guilty of the crime, I have to say I have little sympathy for her situation. I will be pleased when the media moves on from this ‘story’ and returns to more important matters. I certainly don’t believe she should profit from her ‘story.’ Yet the media appears willing to throw a whole bunch of money and attention her way.

GP Fees

This is what we need, GP fees to go up – they are really struggling on their wages and having to deal with us patients must be extremely stressing for them. I think I was in at my last appointment for almost 5 minutes – far too long for the fee charged. Put those fees up, these guys are on struggle street.