Evernote Update


Life Review

Every so often I feel an urge to review my life, not that which has been, though I am sure there is merit in doing so from time to time – especially from a Christian perspective (and I have done that and do do that – more regularly than many other things I do I expect). What I mean is life as a daily thing, that which I do, etc. What are my daily habits and are they profitable or useful? Do I need to tweak things or even completely do away with certain aspects of my daily life and replace them with something else? So that in brief purview is the sort of thing I’m on about.

So having said all that, I am currently in the process of doing this again and that in some detail. My approach on this occasion is to view everything from the start of the day through to the end of the day, applying my focus to one or two areas at a time, so that I can apply some useful changes with applied resilience that will stand the test of life and time – at least until the next review.

So that is what I am currently up to and seeking to sort out. There are useful tools in this digital age to assist and I am using such things as Evernote, One Calendar, Amazon Kindle reading app on my Samsung tablet, my Windows 10 PC, etc. All very modern tools to do a very long established practice throughout the ages.

Evernote Is Killing Off Its Dedicated Food App

Evernote is one of my favourite apps/web applications and this move doesn’t surprise me. I agree with the thrust of this article also – it has stagnated somewhat I think and a fresh approach may well be needed. This is a good move I think.

Swarm Gets Back Into The Game With Leaderboards

I started of using Foursquare years ago and went with the split into both Foursquare and Swarm. It’s interesting how Swarm seems to be approaching what the Foursquare app was years ago and what drew many people to it back then. Yeah – I’m still using it (well both apps actually).


I have been using Flipboard a fair bit lately, which is basically a web application/service for curating news articles online in the form of an online magazine/newspaper. I have several various online magazines/newspapers via the Flipboard service.

The online magazines/newspapers that I have developed using Flipboard include the following:

  • Australian News
  • My World
  • Australia Wild
  • Cricket Monthly

The archives for each of these online magazines/newspapers can be found at: