Blog Design

So I’m thinking of changing the design of the site, which is relatively simple given I’m using I haven’t been happy with the design for a while. I actually do like the appearance – it just takes too long to load (for me anyway). So that will happen sooner, rather than later – I hope. I just need the time to do it.


My Project 365

The link below is to another Blog I have going called ‘My Project 365.’ It is a complement to this Blog and provides a pictorial view of my life as I go about each day. It does’t record every aspect of my day, but is meant to capture the occasional photo throughout the day. Anyhow, take a look sometime and get the feel for it.

Visit My Project 365 at:

Far Too Tired

Readers of my various Blogs have probably been wondering why it is I have written so little in my Blogs or posted so few posts in recent months. The simple answer is that I’m far too tired at the moment. I am exhausted and need somehow to get a break – very much hoping the Easter break will provide it.

Posts for the Time Being

I thought I’d post a quick update on what is currently happening with me and posts to my Blog. It is a short story really. I live in a town which is a massive tourist destination during the holiday season – especially at this time of year. What this means for me – being reliant on wireless access to the Internet – is real difficulty gaining Internet access. There are so many people in the area, using so many gadgets and the like, that the Internet is locked into a constant traffic jam. It is practically impossible to get Internet access most of the time. You do get the odd time where you can get access, but it is so slow that it is pointless to try and use it. For example – it takes minutes and minutes just for one page of the Blog to load.

I’ll keep trying to access the Net every so often, but it is likely I’ll be unable to post much for the next couple of weeks. There is good news – the number of tourists in the shopping centre here have diminished, which probably means we are heading back to some form of normality.

Limited Posts

I have had some surgery in recent times and while everything seems to be going OK, healing well and all the rest, I have been finding some difficulty while sitting at the computer – so I have been easing off on the posts in recent times. I expect this will continue for the next couple of weeks or perhaps a bit longer than that. I don’t intend to stop posting completely, but there will be far fewer posts during this period. One or two Blogs that I have will receive no posts during this time, while one or two others will continue to receive the same number of posts throughout this period. However, it is all a bit of a daily thing as to just how many posts I upload.

So all is going well, but a bit of a break and rest is needed to ensure a full recovery. Thanks all 🙂