Annual Leave Almost Up

My three weeks off work are almost up (only 4 days before I’m back at work – yay… NOT!). lol. Actually I don’t mind work – I enjoy the job itself. It will still be difficult to get out of this lazy routine I have managed to establish over the last little while however. I’ll have to start easing my way back to a normal body clock, etc.

I never did get to Uluru this time round – hopefully next year. There was just too much working against the trip this year, with some health issues needing to be sorted, etc. Still, the break has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

Spring has pretty much sprung here, so in lieu of a getaway during my annual leave block, I’m going to try and go camping one weekend, about 2 or 3 weeks after I get back to work. Then I hope to getaway camping for a weekend at least once a month over the warmer months.



Well before this time on a Sunday I have already began to think, ‘is it the end of the weekend already?’ Yeah, I could do with a longer break. I have slept well both Friday and Saturday nights, with a great amount of sleep – yet I feel so tired just thinking about going back to work. I am way too tired at the moment.

I enjoy my job – I’m just so tired at the moment. There is a long weekend coming up soon – three days off. I’m so looking forward to that. Sadly, I think I have to work on the Saturday though. I could really use the break.